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Welcome to Grand Lake Adventures your ticket to true Newfoundland Big Game Hunting.

With years of experience as a hunting guide and owner of a popular Newfoundland hunting lodge, I can personally guide you to your trophy moose and provide you with a hunting trip of a lifetime. Grand Lake Adventures is one of the must successful Newfoundland Outfitters. We offer the very best hunts for Eastern Canadian Moose, Woodland Caribou and huge Black Bear that Newfoundland has available. Our aim is a personal hunting experience and wilderness adventure you have been waiting for. Spots are limited at our hunting lodge so contact us and book your next Newfoundland hunting trip today!

Newfoundland Moose Hunting OutfitterWhy you should hunt with Grand Lake Adventures:

  1. Low allocation of hunting permits allows high numbers of trophy class animals to be available for harvest year after year.
  2. We focus on quality and not quantity regarding our hunts and hunting packages.
  3. Our hunting lodge is a remote fly-in lodge with generated electricity, running hot /cold water, home style meals and wood heat.
  4. Hunts are Sunday-Sunday giving six full days of hunting.
  5. Hunts are tailored around the pre-rut and rut which gives us the ability to call the animals into close range.
  6. The assurance that you are booking a hunting trip with a professional Newfoundland outfitter.
  7. Our hunting lodge is located next to the biggest lake in Newfoundland (Grand Lake with 90 miles of fresh water) and also just a few miles from where the Eastern Canadian Moose were first introduced to the island of Newfoundland back in 1904.

Newfoundland Moose Hunting

  1. Highest moose population per square mile in North America
  2. Bulls commonly range from 40-55 inches
  3. Opportunity is very high for a big game Newfoundland Moose
  4. Our success rate is 99%

Newfoundland Caribou Hunting

  1. Only place in the world where the Woodland Caribou can be legally harvested
  2. Small migration pattern
  3. Excellent conditions for a successful caribou hunt
  4. Our success rate 100%

Newfoundland Black Bear Hunting

  1. Mature bears will average 300lbs
  2. Trophy Spring Black Bear hunts up to 500lbs
  3. Little hunting pressure on the bears in our area
  4. High numbers of bears with a very high trophy potential

If you are planning a Newfoundland hunting trip with skilled hunting guides and an experienced outfitter, contact Greg Samms here at Grand Lake Adventures today. You will get a personal hunting experience to remember!


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